Our AR Gaiters have been enjoying adventures in dozens of countries for many years. We use a reliable DHL service to get them to you.

DHL has standard box sizes. The rate is determined by geographic zone.

For the smallest size, a flyer bag, we can fit a good number (at least 12) of AR Mini / Hiking or Desert Gaiters. 

The next box size, we can fit in more Mini / Hiking / Desert gaiters or 5 x Adventure Gaiters.

Please email us directly with your order request - orders@argaiters.co.za

We can send you a link for an online card payment.

Now that we have expanded our offering to include a range of products from a variety of brands, including those imported from Europe and America, we need to respect international trade regulations and as such we will only send our AR Gaiters out with other South African products.

In addition to AR Gaiters, other South African brands suitable for export (applicable products, low weight, small size) include:

  • Hungry Hiker dehydrated meals
  • Ocean Freedom sunscreen lotions
  • RadBag Adventure Bivy

Exchanges and Returns

Due to the cost of international shipping, we will consider each case on its merit. We take every care to make sure that international orders go out correctly. In more than a decade, we have had no returns on our AR Gaiters and only one issue with a package at customs in France (customs attempted to charge the customer excessive duties).