Reviews – by Jacqueline Windh

Jacqueline Windh and her husband, Dave, ran the 2015 edition of the Kalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathon (KAEM) – yes, the one with the brain-melting, super-hot temperatures. Jacqui used the race to try two brands of desert gaiters: our AR Desert Gaiters and Rough Country’s Trail Running Gaiters. Read Jacqui’s balanced comparison of both on her website.



  • “I’m a newbie to the world of adventure racing and did my first Wartrail this weekend. I borrowed a pair of gaiters from a friend (I slept too late to order some in time before the race). They made such a difference! To keep out the grass and to give some style to my outfit ! Gaiters are now on my Top 5 list of must have gear for adventure racing. I’m definitely gonna order some more for birthday gifts for my trailrunning buddies.” – Madreez, Bloem
  • “Tried and tested ……… very impressed! Great product that JUST works!” – Errol, CT
  • “We kloofed Grootkloof last night. Crazy stunt we do mid-winter every year. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that your mini gaiters are superb at keeping gravel out of shoes. Normally by the time you get out the kloof your shoes are full of gravel – today I had hardly a stone!” – Tony, JHB
  • “Last weekend I’ve run a running trail in Belgium. It was a trail over 60km and I wore my Gaiters. They worked perfectly!” – Paul, Netherlands
  • “Please send two more pairs of gaiters….the rest of my bush crew would like a pair. I ran with mine last night…very cool, no sand irritating me,  no twigs and no muddy socks!!!” – Grant
  • “Just to let you know, I have the gaiters and ‘hiked’ them in yesterday on a stunning hike along Chapman’s Peak, all the way up to the Peak and back… Cape Town has some truly magnificent walks! I’ll be recommending them to anyone who asks – they are perfect!” – Robyn, Cape Town
  • “I’ve just come back from a 6km run in Tokai forest and can honestly say that the AR Mini Gaiters are amazing!!” – Ray, Cape Town
  • “I used the gaiters on trail run at Teak this weekend and they were awesome!” – Henri


  • I’m happy to say they survived six days and 260km of beach and bush with some very happy feet. Didn’t bother to take shoes off at all, just went through everything, including at least four rivers a day. ” Grant (and Melanie), Wild Coast Ultra Trail Run
  • “The run was the hardest thing I’ve ever done; the heat (46 – 48 degrees), the humidity, the distance, the sand dunes, the desert… The gaiters were superb. They didn’t let in a drop of sand the entire run even when they were soaking wet.” – Jon, Namib Desert Challenge (finished 12th)
  • “They work very well! It is all about the correct sewing of the Velcro onto the shoe, as you said. Not easy at all but if done right the rest is perfect.” – Kim, Namib Desert Challenge (finished 17th)
  • “I can’t thank my hubby and you enough! He managed to get the velcro stitched to my shoes still that afternoon and it worked so well. I didn’t even know I ran with gaiters. And from all the others runners’ gaiters I saw, I think yours are the most comfortable. I did not get any sand in my shoes.” – Marissa, Namib Desert Challenge (her hubby collected AR Desert Gaiters the day before she left for Namibia!)
  • “An awesome landscape when we hit the real desert near the Sossusvlei – I loved the dunes. The gaiters worked well. Well done me girl; they did the trick just like you promised. They even took a hammering on the first three days of rocky (quartz) and bushy sections and paths. I did try to look after them – I stuck them a little further back from the edge on these days. Of the total of 40, 12 people bombed out over the first three days. Thanks for the great gaiters, which can still be used in another race.” – Robin, Namib Desert Challenge (finished 20th).

We made custom gaiters for 11-year old orienteer, Sarah – our first children’s size.

“Wow, wow, wow is all we can say,” her mom, Tania, writes. “As you can see Sarah wore long pants yesterday. It was very thick, rough and scratchy fynbos and without gaiters Sarah would have been scratched to death, so they were awesome. And the shoe gaiter meant that she didn’t get her shoes full of sand. So thank you, thank you, thank you.”