Blister Resist Collection

In Blister Resist socks, mohair fibre is combined with with Drynamix ® moisture-wicking fibre to give you the ultimate protection against blisters.

We chose these socks for our range for their cushioned fit and beneficical temperature regulation and anti-blister properties.

Mohair is a great insulator to keep your feet cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. It is also durable, strong and shrink resistant. Garments made of elastic mohair resist wrinkling, stretching and sagging, and recoil after stretching to retain their shape. Comfort too is key. Mohair is a smooth fibre with a natural sheen that reduces irritation on the skin. This natural fibre also has anti-microbial properties to prevent the growth of bacteria – a useful property for socks to have!

Mohair is twisted with Balega’s trademark Drynamix ® to create DRY-MO yarn. This unique moisture-management solution creates the ultimate anti blister, moisture-wicking performance running sock.

Blister Resist socks maximise comfort with hand-linked seamless toe, enhanced, wide arch support band, and high heel tab that helps prevent the sock from slipping into your shoe. And, you’ll appreciate the perfect fit that comes from the extra-deep heel pocket.

We’ve selected one version of Blister Resist socks: Quarter.

  • Quarter give additional piece-of-mind with the enhanced elastic grip construction of the longer top. There is no chance that these socks will ever slip down into your shoes.

Blister Resist Quarter

Blister Resist Quarter
Ethereal Blue
S, M, L

Blister Resist Quarter
M, L, XL