AR Mini Gaiters

The three gremlins of blister formation are heat, friction and moisture. AR Mini Gaiters keep trail debris (grass seeds, sticks, stones, gravel and sand) out of your shoes to improve foot comfort and sock longevity.


R215/pair (excluding delivery)


  • One size fits all thanks to four-way stretch lycra. BUT, if your ankles are smaller than 21cm circumference, or your shoe size is smaller than UK 5 or bigger than a UK 12, please let us know when you order so that we can customise the fit. This is unusual (we’ve only encountered a few thus far).
  • Attaches to your bottom-most lace by a metal hook.
  • Elastic in the bottom seam creates tension and prevents your gaiter from coming off your shoe.
  • Squares of Velcro are stitched to the back of the AR Mini Gaiters. We provide you with the other side of the adhesive Velcro to attach to the back of your shoe.


  • Slip AR Mini Gaiter over your foot, wide end downwards. The gaiter with the badge goes on your left foot (so that the badge faces out).
  • Clip the hook on your bottom-most lace. The bottom-most lace part is important because 1) you get maximum coverage from the gaiter over the top of your shoe and 2) this creates tension on the gaiter to keep it in place.
  • Pull the back of the gaiter over your shoe.
  • The elastic in the bottom of the gaiter helps to create tension and to keep the gaiter on your shoe.
  • rear of shoeIncluded in your gaiter packet are adhesive Vecro tabs, which you can stick on the back of your shoe. Please do this at least 24hrs before using to allow the adhesive to stick properly. This Velcro tab is not necessarily needed – it just depends on the tension of your gaiters and how smooth the rear of your shoe is. It is worth putting on regardless.

Note: Don’t pull the top of the gaiter high up your shin. It looks silly and it pulls the gaiter off your heel. The top is meant to sit around your ankle, just above your socks.


  • These can be tossed in the washing machine. Air dry. No tumble drying, please.
  • If you go off-road most weekends, including AR and other multiday events, you can expect to get one to two years from your gaiters (Lisa’s favourite-favourite floral AR Mini Gaiters lasted over four years; she eventually trashed them when they got too faded). If you get a little hole in the fabric, which can happen depending on vegetation and terrain (and barbed wire), just close it up with a few stitches (or superglue if you can’t sew).