AR Face Gaiter

If you’d like to order our face masks, please drop Liz an email at Take a look at our AR Face Gaiter album on our Facebook page for available prints and colours – these change often.

SIZES: Adult and children. Children’s sizes are for ages 2-6 and 7-11.

For most children, by the time they are 12, they will fit an adult size. Children’s heads are deceiving. You’ll know whether your child is big, small or average for their age.

Our masks have a sculpted shape and three layers. If you’re working in a high-risk environment, you’ll appreciate the ‘pouch’ that we’ve included into which one of those disposable dental/nurse/surgical masks can be inserted for additional 4th-layer protection.

Our adjustable tie fits around the back of your neck and also higher up on your head (above your ears). The mask is a full-face covering with plenty of space for your nose (so that it doesn’t get squished) and so that you can also talk easily. If you wear glasses, you’ll find that they will fog less because the mask has more space under your nose so your exhalation can escape downwards. A light wire nose bridge adds support and shaping.


Adults: R80 each.

Children: R70 each.

Courier delivery is R75 for Gauteng and R110 for locations outside of Gauteng. Ask your neighbours if they would like to order too so that you can share courier costs.

Please visit our Facebook page for currently available fabric colours and prints – these change often.

Contact Liz to place your order by emailing