We make three styles of AR Gaiters for adventure running and racing.

AR Mini Gaiters РThese everyday gaiters cover the mouth, tongue and laces of the shoe to prevent trail debris (sand, grass seeds, sticks and mud) from getting into your shoes. This reduces the chance of blister formation from gritty friction and prolongs the life of your socks by keeping them cleaner and pricky grass-seed free >> read more

AR Desert Gaiters – This is a full-shoe covering made for desert and beach running. You won’t have to stop – not even once – to empty sand from your shoes >> read more

AR Adventure Gaiters РBuilt for orienteering, adventure racing and bush whacking, AR Adventure Gaiters are comfortable and hard wearing. The shin is padded and covered with abrasion-resistant fabric. Lycra covers your calf. Leave trails behind and blitz your own path with confidence, knowing that your shins are protected from thorns, cuts and jabs >> read more