Foot care for adventure racing and ultras

You’ve put in weeks of training and preparation ensuring that your legs will hold up to hour after hour on the bike and trekking up hills. You’ve worked your upper body, ensuring that you’ll have the strength for climbing, rope ascents and paddling. But now, 3hrs into the race, you’ve developed developed a niggling blister on your little toe and heel. By the end of the day you’ve got blisters on both feet and the one on your heel has popped and is raw. By the middle of the second day your feet are so blistered and so sore that you can hardly walk… you’re really not enjoying this race. Familiar? Continue reading


Inner thighs. Butt. Nipples. Underarms. These are the common sites for the nastiest of nasty sporting afflictions – chafing. It results from the repetitive rub-rub-rubbing of skin against skin or skin against fabric and if you don’t deal with it when you first feel stinging then you’ll end up with a red and raw wound that will not only make every movement an excruciating experience but could end your race. The glass-half-full side of chafing is that it can be prevented and, if you’re quick, you can stop a little skin irritation from developing into a bleeding welt. Continue reading

Pack It Up!

Adventure racers are notorious for scrabbling in their backpacks as they pull everything out to locate a single item of gear – and commenting, “I’m sure it is in here somewhere!

What they haven’t realised is that their backpack is not a haystack and equipment need not be a needle. By organising and packing gear logically and methodically, you’ll be able to retrieve your waterproof jacket, thermal clothing, knife or headlamp from your backpack, in the dark of night, by touch. Continue reading

Buying a backpack

We’ve learned a few lessons along the way from our own adventure racing and multi-day staged running adventures. As many of our AR Desert Gaiter customers participate in staged races; and the AR Adventure Gaiters wearers are into multi-day adventure races, we’ve compiled some backpack-buying advice for you.  Continue reading