AR Gaiters was started by adventure racer and ultrarunner Lisa de Speville back in the early 2000s. She began making mini gaiters for herself and here-and-there for friends, on request.

With three years of desert running at the the Abu Dhabi Adventure Challenge (ADAC) and running of the lovely five-day Namib Desert Challenge,  Lisa played with various versions of her AR Desert Gaiter design.

By the 2010 edition of ADAC, her design was perfect and, with help from her mom, Elizabeth (aka Liz), Lisa made AR Desert Gaiters for her team as well as two other teams. Other requests started to come in.

With the AR Mini Gaiter and AR Desert Gaiter designs working perfectly, Lisa began working on an improved orienteering gaiter. She combined her favourite features from various orienteering gaiters that she had bought from overseas over many years. She added an AR Mini Gaiter to the bottom and the AR Adventure Gaiter was created.

AR Gaiters are handmade and Liz does all the sewing herself. She is also your direct contact for orders.

We offer a range of colours and patterns to suit your club, team and personality.