Review of callus removers

Defending against trail grit and grass seeds by using AR Gaiters is good practice. Preparing your feet pre-event and keeping them in good condition is another must-do. This includes removing calluses, which is essential to good foot care (like trimming your toenails).

Foot-care guru John Vonhof, author of ‘Fixing Your Feet‘, says that calluses indicate repeated pressure over time and are generally caused by poor fitting footwear.

But the most important thing to know is that if or when you get a blister under a callus, it will be painful. No matter how small or how little fluid is inside the covered and hidden blister. You know it’s there. I know it’s there. But finding the exact location and depth of the blister in order to drain the fluid is very, very, very difficult. It can be painful too because it take a series of punctures with a needle to try and find the blister sac.

This article reviews callus removers and while we don’t get most of these in SA, the points mentioned in the reviews will help you make a good purchasing decisions regardless of the type or brand. With thanks to John Vonhof for the link from his post, “What to do about calluses“.

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